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Experience & Perspective


Eco-Tone is a technology services company that has over 60 years of combined expertise in designing,  deploying and managing solutions for a variety of customers ranging from SMB to  large enterprises.  Whether it is dealing with the complexities and time pressures of M&A, catering to the special needs of startups, or fulfilling the extreme performance and security requirements associated with financial services; Eco-Tone has a proven track record at a multitude of levels.  Eco-Tone prides itself in its capabilities and understanding of technology, but it also believes that technology is merely a tool to achieve business advantage.  In some instances it is about blending the old with the new. In other situations it is about using technology to usher in disruptive change. But, in all cases it is about business outcomes.  Eco-Tone is your partner with the depth, breadth, rigor and pragmatism to help your organization make the most of technology. 

Art of the Possible Through Technology


The pace of change in the technology space is unprecedented.  It almost seems as if the landscape is changing daily. Rationalizing how advancements can drive tangible business value is daunting.  

Eco-tone can help your organization make sense of the technology landscape and carve out a pragmatic path to demonstrable value to the business.

Relationship, Collaboration, Iterative Improvement


Whether it is improving what you already have, sorting through possibilities, or dealing with the realities of implementation; Eco-Tone prides itself in customer interaction and discovery.  Eco-Tone is fully aware that not one size fits all and improvements are only realized through iterative execution with each cycle being better than the last.  Eco-Tone is the partner that can bridge customers with services providers and vendors to achieve tangible positive outcomes



Optimization Of Technology Investments

In many cases, enterprises are unaware of optimizations that are readily availability to them.  Recent   advancements in storage, data protection, networking, and compute have opened up options previously not possible.  Through its extensive experiences gained working in M&A, startups, and traditional enterprise; Eco-tone has insight to means and strategy to help your organization reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Organizations have seen savings of 30% - 50% after engaging with Eco-Tone.


Modernization & Digitization

The technology space can be a confusing when trying to rationalize a path forward. Eco-tone has real life experience with things like cloud & hybrid computing, VoIP, Software Defined Networks, Object Storage, Big Data, Micro Services & Containers. But, more importantly Eco-Tone has had experience blending the new with the old teasing out paths for organizations to result in tangible benefit. Modernization and Digitization is no longer a nice to have but a necessity. Eco-tone can help guide you to rationalize your road map to tangible outcomes


Advanced Technologies & Strategies

Both leading edge organizations and traditional enterprises are constantly being challenged in terms of their value propositions and differentiation.  Advanced technologies like AI, Deep Learning, Block Chain, Share Economy, Natural Language Interfaces, and Internet of Things not only show promise but are upsetting status quo on a daily basis.  Eco-Tone has the insight to provide practical application of such technologies to give your organization a leg up in a world that is changing beneath our feet on a regular basis.

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